Coepiscopi Structure

Coepiscopi Confraternity is a lay association of Catholic family men consisting of autonomous local Coepiscopi chapters that together form the larger Coepiscopi confederation. As a confederate organization at large, the Coepiscopi Confraternity is held together by its member's volitional and constant acceptance of its principles and their word of honor that they will strive to live out the spirit of these principles. In accord with its core principle of subsidiarity, Coepiscopi recognizes the authority and leadership of the father in the family as the locus of Coepiscopi's own authority. As such, all members are truly Coepiscopi, fellow and brother leaders of their families with equal Christian status (though admitting of varying aptitudes) outside those families. All Coepiscopi extraneous structures of authority or leadership are only valid if they remand to and strengthen the locus of individual familial Christian patriarchal authority. In keeping with its raison d'ĂȘtre as a strictly lay endeavor Coepiscopi does not seek ecclesial patronage from the prelacy, though endorsements therefrom are welcome.