Coepiscopi Principles

Preamble: Coepiscopi Members assent to the following Coepiscopi Principles and seek to live them out within their domestic church and within their community. Coepiscopi Associates assent to the ideals and seek to promote these principles in their communities. The Principles are to be seen as ideals to be lived out in greater and greater plenitude.

1. Christian familial patriarchy is a constant—and thus immutable—teaching of the Catholic Church that, in accord with subsidiarity, ordains the Christian familial father as the fundamental authoritative leader of the domestic Church.

2. Christian familial patriarchal authority is governed by the spirit of true obedience where a Christian has the absolute right to due his duty to God by freely following a conscience informed by the constant teachings of the Church.

3. The duties of the Christian familial patriarch entail being the spiritual and moral leader of his family and, in conjunction with other familial patriarchs, leading the Christian community of families and the extended sociopolitical order.

4. In this Third Millennium of Salvation History the specific Christian Mandate being issued in the bringing about of God's Kingdom and a new Christendom is the advancing of the natural and Christian family under the patriarchal leadership of the Christian father.

5. The Third Millennium's Christian Mandate to advance the natural and Christian family necessarily entails advancing that family' sacrosanct and preeminent ecclesial and sociopolitical status; its vivifying essence that is the institution of natural marriage and the sacrament of Holy Matrimony; its hierarchical order that is patriarchal; its unique vocational element that is maternal; and its sine qua non composite elements of God-given gender.