Membership in the Coepiscopi Confraternity is open to all Catholic men who assent to the five Coepiscopi Principles and who strive to implement and carry out these principles as exhortative ideals.

Full membership in Coepiscopi is limited to familial husbands and/or fathers, that is, men who lead a domestic church. If a man is married, full membership will also require that his wife agree to abide by the Coepiscopi principles and ideals and both must vigorously strive toward the implementation of the Coepiscopi ideals for their children and all residents of their household. Associate membership in Coepiscopi is open to unmarried laymen, laymen in irregular marital circumstances, male religious, and clergy who are desirous of promoting the Coepiscopi principles and ideals.

To become a Coepiscopi member requires that an applicant have an interview(s) either in person or via telephonic or video conferencing with a full mentoring member of Coepiscopi and then regular ongoing contact with Coepiscopi members.