Fides et Familia

Coepiscopi means "fellow bishops." This is the greeting St. Augustine use in his exhortation to the family men of the diocese of Hippo. Here St. Augustine told these Christian fathers that,

"Each and every one of you have in the home the bishop's office
to see to it that neither his wife nor his son nor his daughter nor even his servant fall away from the truth.
For they were bought with a great price."

Fides et Familia is the Coepiscopi motto, for it is to “Faith and Family” that its members are dedicated to. As fellows dedicated to this great Christian cause, the members of Coepiscopi are called to form a brotherhood in Christ. This brotherhood exists to edify and exhort one another to champion with a dedicated singularity and zealous intensity the Holy Faith, the Sacrosanct Family, God-Given Gender, Sacramental Marriage, Patriarchal Fatherhood, and Venerable Motherhood.